Call for Poster Abstracts

ICM is accepting poster presentations at its 2024 Regional Conference in Rwanda.

Poster presentations are visual displays that combine text and graphics. Posters may be on any of the topic areas described below and can either be about research or sharing knowledge and experience.

ICM and our partners are committed to helping midwives who cannot afford to attend the Regional Conferences to have this important learning experience through the Regional Conference Bursary Programme. For questions regarding the application process, or to contribute to the sponsorship fund, please contact us at

1. Midwifery research results

These posters should provide a brief background to the research; its purpose; ethical approval; method (including sampling issues, when data were collected, and approach to analysis); results; key messages for midwifery. Abstracts on research in progress must at least indicate preliminary results to be considered for acceptance.

    2. Sharing midwifery knowledge and experience

    These posters are not necessarily research-based but should cite relevant available evidence. These posters include midwifery stories and experiences, theoretical debates, or innovative/sustainable midwifery practices. Submissions should describe the practice and its relevance to midwifery.


    • Midwifery Philosophy
    • Essential Competencies for Midwifery Practice
    • Midwifery Education
    • Midwifery Regulation
    • Midwifery Associations
    • Research
    • Midwife-led continuity of care model of practice
    • Midwifery Leadership
    • Enabling Environment
    • Commitment to Gender Equality and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    Presenters must be present at the conference they are submitting to.

    Posters will be displayed for the duration of the Regional Conference. Poster authors are responsible for bringing, putting up and taking down their own posters. The submitting author must be available at a designated time slot to answer questions about their work. Specific information regarding size and mounting requirements will be provided with the notice of acceptance. Accepted posters must also be provided in an electronic (PDF) format.

    Poster Submission Guidelines

    1. Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via the online submission system by the abstract submission date: 31 May 2024.

    Abstracts received by any other means or after the submission date will not be considered.

    2. Poster abstracts must be thematically linked and/or focus on any aspect of midwife practice or professionalism.

    3. All successfully submitted poster abstracts will advance to the review process. ICM will assess all abstracts and select those to be presented at the conference.

    4. Please have your abstract checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formal structure.

    5. All presenting authors will receive an acceptance/rejection notification via e-mail by 19 June 2024.

    6. All accepted presenting authors must confirm their participation in the programme by registering for the Rwanda Regional Conference by 23 July 2024. Those presenting authors who are not registered for the conference will be automatically withdrawn from the poster programme.


    All submitting authors sharing midwifery research result must indicate if ethical approval was provided by a relevant authority. If this is not the case, an explanation must be provided.


    Copying work or ideas from someone else and presenting them as your own is plagiarism and is regarded by the conference organisers as serious professional misconduct. ICM expects that if a presentation builds on the work of another, the intellectual property of that person/people is acknowledged.

    Submission Language

    All abstracts are to be submitted in English or French to facilitate the peer review and moderation process.

    Presenter Registration

    All authors whose posters are accepted for presentation are expected to register for the Rwanda Conference at their own expense. All presenters are responsible for their own travel, accommodations and registration expenses.

    If your abstract is accepted, you will receive a letter of acceptance that you can use for visa and other purposes. For this matter, please contact the ICM Secretariat at


    Reviewers will score abstracts according to the following criteria:

    • There is a clear purpose to the presentation
    • There is demonstration of reflective thinking, including evidence if relevant
    • Implications for midwifery practice or professionalism; women and families; midwifery education, research or policy as relevant
    • Originality
    • Relevance to an ICM Regional Conference audience

    Where there is discrepancy between reviewer scores a moderation process will be initiated. Appeals will not be accepted.


    Poster Abstract submissions open
    Poster Abstract submissions close
    Notification of acceptance
    Presenters must be registered for appropriate Conference by
    16 April 2024
    31 May 2024
    26 June 2024
    23 July 2024

    Online Submission Process

    All abstracts are to be submitted in a standard text format with no formatting and must adhere to the word limits.

    Once you have entered all your submission details, you will be taken to a summary page where you may review and edit your details for one last time before submitting.

    You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions and only then may you proceed.

    Once your abstract has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email.  Please ensure the email address supplied during your submission is correct. This address will be used for all future communication.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at